We launched tellofy initially to make it simple easy and engaging for the consumer to give feedback across channels. Tellofy Touch and Tellofy Connect are great tools to collect feedback from customers and response rates are over 3x above industry average, however we felt businesses needed something even more to engage and make decisions.

We once met a business owner who told us that his key personnel are overwhelmed by the data and information overload which is been generated today across the business from his customers.

Making sense of all the data across channels, in outlets, call centres and social platforms presented a key challenge.

Data in any business is a key asset and often it is unmanaged, is heterogeneous and comes from variety of sources, in multiple formats and is kept in multiple storage locations.

Decision makers and key stakeholders need the single view of relevant data at a click of a button.

Tellofy 2.0 is offers integrated analytics, customer engagement and insights on its platform. It can collate data from various data sources which exist in a business from excel sheets to industry standard CRM’s and Social Listening tools and of course from tellofy’s own feedback collection mechanisms (Tellofy Touch and Tellofy Connect ).

Based on every customer interaction across touch points in the customer journey, tellofy’s provides actionable insights and tools to perform the action within its platform.


November 2016

Customer Rolls outs begin of Tellofy 2.0

March 2016

Selected by Amplifi SaaS Accelerator

We were part of the first batch of companies selected by Amplifi - SaaS accelerator. This was a 3 month programme and we worked with amplifi to fine tune the product, interacted with business leaders and established our mentors and advisory board.

November 2015

Beta Launch

This is a 3-month Beta rollout where we plan to improve the platform based on user feedback.

April 2015

UI Design and Planning

The tellofy design took a lot of planning, we wanted to delight our customers and attention to detail was paramount.

MEET THE telltelloficfy TEAM

Anuraag has a Master's degree in Management from Stirling University, Scotland and Bachelor's degree in Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad. Anuraag has contributed towards Data and Business Analysis with his exceptional skill in analysing data and the ability to go above and beyond to achieve targeted goals. Prior to his current role as the Business Analyst, Anuraag was Banking Officer, working in an Analysis Team for ICICI Bank Ltd. With extensive background in dealing with raw data and technical challenges, Anuraag continues to use his skills to help Tellofy reach benchmarks and deliver exceptional services. Food, Travelling and Movies work for him and learning new technology gives him a buzz!

Shalini has bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Nagpur University amd Software Testing Diploma from Sathy institute, Hyderabad. Shalini Joined Tellofy as Software Test Engineer and has contributed towards Software Testing both in manual and automation testing. With a strong background in dealing with products and technical challenges, Shalini continues to use her testing skills to help Tellofy reach new benchmarks and satisfy the customers. Shalini believes she has the ability to achieve targeted goals.

Dhruv Chawla is a senior at Plano Senior High in Texas. He is an avid programmer and mathematician, and he applies these interests as a Research Analyst for Tellofy, developing technologies such as Deep Learning AI and Sentiment Analysis and researching new CX and data mining implementations. He is experienced in the startup atmosphere, having taken courses from the MIT Entrepreneurship and Stanford University’s Design Thinking programs, and has accelerated local businesses for online retail success.
His hobbies include competing in robotics and programming competitions and playing the violin.